Active research projects

Active Research Projects

Blue Card Concussion Initiative (COMPLETED)

(NZ Rugby funded research, with Prof. John Sullivan, School of Physiotherapy, University of Otago). The Blue card is a system in use where a referee can send a player with suspected concussion from the field (blue carded). Prof Sullivan conducted a survey of referees trialing this concept in Northland in 2015 (John Sullivan, Kyal Collins, Andrew Grey, Phil Handcock (2017) Blue card: referees’ perspectives of a rugby union concussion recognition and management programme. British Journal of Sports Medicine 51(11):A80.1-A80). New Zealand Rugby rolled out the Blue card initiative in 2017 with a mandatory 3-week stand down for blue cards. With the adoption of this programme around New Zealand, we are interested in how referees, players, and team management are responding to the BCCI, how prepared they were and whether it is changing their practices. This project involves interviewing referees, players and team management in the Otago region.

Otago Concussion/ Brain Health Study. (IN PROGRESS)

(ORG funded with Prof John Sullivan (PI), Andrew Gray, Hamish Osborne, Prof Darryl Tong)
This project on the University’s alumni investigates whether those who played club rugby while at university and sustained concussions, have an elevated risk of depression and/or mild cognitive impairment later in life compared to matched (area of study and age) non-rugby players, and whether any deficits are associated with the number of concussions.

Mobility scooter impact on physical activity, health & mobility in the community? (SUBMITTED)

(Lotteries Grant, with Prof John Sullivan (PI), Andrew Gray). This project explores the apparent paradox where mobility scooter use might increase community participation and opportunities for physical activity but may have the unintended consequence of reducing actual health-related physical activity below the user’s capabilities.