Books that I am writing

Books that I am currently working on

Understanding Strength and Conditioning as Sport Coaching: Bridging the Biophysical, Pedagogical and Sociocultural Foundations of Practice

This book is a contracted text that we are preparing for Routledge/Taylor & Francis Group. Writing with Tania Cassidy (University of Otago), Lisette Burrows (University of Waikato), Brian Gearity (University of Denver). Due early 2019 – likely delayed
The broad aim of the text is to start a conversation regarding the merits of exploring pedagogical, socio-cultural ideas in the context of S&C coaching. Specifically, the aim of the text is act as a bridge and/or scaffold for SCCs to explore and examine the status quo as well as to encourage them to question not only the technical but also the moral, ethical and political practices and issues that occur in the S&C context.
Draft section outline
Section 1: Setting the scene
Section 2: Elite sports performance
Section 3: Developing as a strength and conditioning professional
Section 4: Conditioning across the lifespan
Section 5: Health, Injury, and Wellbeing

Fitness Testing for Exercise Professionals

I’m writing this book for use by all exercise professionals as an update and improvement on two of my previous fitness testing books. Field Testing Manual for Sports (NZSSTB 1994, with Brenda Knight) was a contracted book written for the New Zealand Sports Science and Technology Board. This was NZSSTB’s best selling publication and has been out of print for some time now. The book was a recipe book style description of a wide range of field tests, particularly tests that were appropriate for team sports. Techniques of Fitness Assessment: The Living Manual (Fitness Concepts LLC, 1994) focused on low-technology fitness testing (testing that could be conducted with minimal and basic equipment) and was aimed for use in the fitness industry. The emphasis was on meticulous testing administration and procedures, with some description of measurement principles. The new book will include sections on professional competence, philosophical and ethical questions around fitness testing, measurement theory, and principles, fitness testing competencies, plus an extensive description of low technology and field-based fitness testing.

Start, Stick, Savor: Pathways to an active life.
(Working title)

This book will be a guided self-help book aimed to encourage and support habitual physical activity. Being active is good – that’s a fact, but so many people sadly get put off consistently being active because they get bullied, shamed, or guilted into exercise. They find physical activity overwhelming, make the wrong exercise choices, get disappointed by it, misunderstand exercise or receive the wrong advice. Based on my 25 plus years of experience working in and around exercise prescription, this book aims to help EVERYONE find their pathway to regular, enjoyable and sustainable exercise habits.

Your Gym is Just Through That Door (Working Title)

We live in a culture where exercise is a commercial product and we are constantly being pressured to but. The basis for this book is that Exercise and Physical Activity are one of the few things in life that are free and freely accessible. You can participate in physical activity in your home, in your backyard, in your neighborhood and in your community – all for free and there is only a door between you and your ‘gym’. This book helps you explore those doors. Going through one of those doors is your first step to a more active lifestyle. What you do on the other side is, of course, the second step, and most of this book focuses on exercises and building an activity routine for when you make it to the other side of a chosen door. Making sure that you continue to regularly venture through that door is the third step, and this book helps you build an enjoyable and sustainable habit. There will be times when that door no longer holds an attraction or turns out to be the wrong door, and setting you up to continue exploring the other side of other doors is our fourth and final step in the book. So let’s check out those doors!