Research to still write up

Research projects still being written up

Concussion on campus

(with Laura Steffens (PI)). Laura interviewed seven University students concussed during their time at University. Her intent was to discover the challenges and issues encountered in the University system. Laura also interviewed key University Support Service staff and other employees regarding concussion accommodations. Her findings were that students are often unaware that they are concussed and may not act appropriately in managing their concussion, studies, and university lifestyle. Accommodations in the university for students with concussion were often not clear or consistent. We are in the process of reanalysing Laura’s transcripts and writing up possibly two papers – one on the student’s experiences and one on the university infrastructure.

Values and reflection in strength and conditioning coaches.

This project is based on my interest in professional competence in exercise professionals. The project involved interviewing strength and conditioning coaches working with elite athletes either in college or professional sport. Interviews focused on the individual’s values in strength and conditioning and how they reconciled these with professional and institutional values. Interview transcripts were analysed using ground theory. Writing and thinking about this project is still in progress.

Return to play experiences in professional rugby players.

This project originated with Andrew Beardmore’s postgraduate work on return to play practices (Andrew L. Beardmore, Phil Handcock, Nancy J Rehrer (2005) Return-to-play after injury: Practices in New Zealand rugby union. Physical Therapy in Sport 6(1):24-30). I extended this with interviews of retired professional rugby players, asking about their experiences managing and coming back from injury. We also have some additional data on injury experiences and return to play in professional rugby, from Danielle Salmon’s Ph.D. work, that can add to this area. I really need to get this written up and submitted for consideration.