Tracking the trivial

Credit where you can find it Estimated Reading Time: 2 min, 36 sec Awareness of the importance of physical activity (PA) for health and wellbeing has ballooned thanks to various public health initiatives. That appreciation for the value of PA has however rarely translated into action, as levels of inactivity in most populations have remained …

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What do we trust? Finding and evaluating information.

3090 words (that’s a lot!) : estimated reading time: 15 mins, 27 secs. A guide There are arguably many ways that personal research could be done; I’ve tried to approach this from an exercise professional’s perspective. Hopefully, some or all of this information will be helpful in some way. You may want to skip over the …

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Evidence based what?

Evidence-based practice (EBP) is an offshoot from a movement within medicine and health services (Evidence-based Medicine, EBM), that called for clinical decisions to be based on the best available research knowledge and critical scientific evidence. The origins of EBM are vague but are usually attributed to health researcher Archie Cochrane (1972), who complained that medical …

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