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Walk on the wild side

Under-appreciated Green Exercise Estimated Reading Time: 4 min   With so many in the population struggling to be habitually active, it is timely to ‘reality check’ the contemporary health promoting activities that have proliferated globally. Both the fitness and sport industries enthusiastically beckon people to come join them. Their pitches pale, however, compared to the …

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About bouts; how many does it take to claim you are active?

What’s wrong with burning it up on the weekend? Estimated Reading Time: 3 min, 29 sec Physical activity guidelines for health and wellbeing are something that I have grappled with over the years. I’ve already written about some of those concerns (Health harshening the exercise buzz?). One of my worries is that those guidelines can …

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Fit vs Physically Active

One of my graduate assistant roles at the University of Alberta was to conduct fitness tests for the Faculty’s Fitness Testing Unit. The Unit targeted the general population and their health and wellbeing and was well subscribed. We followed standardised fitness testing protocols that included skinfolds, a bike test to estimate aerobic fitness, a sit …

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