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About bouts; how many does it take to claim you are active?

What’s wrong with burning it up on the weekend? Estimated Reading Time: 3 min, 29 sec Physical activity guidelines for health and wellbeing are something that I have grappled with over the years. I’ve already written about some of those concerns (Health harshening the exercise buzz?). One of my worries is that those guidelines can …

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Bone Health & Exercise

I recently downloaded a PDF  ‘Osteoporosis and You’ from the Osteoporosis New Zealand website. Fifteen pages of content, with barely half a page of non-specific exercise information, yet they somehow managed 2 and a half pages of dietary guidance for optimal bone health! I shouldn’t be surprised, but……of course, I still am!  Disappointed, disheartened! I’m …

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Health harshening the exercise buzz?

With the emergence of the ‘Exercise is Medicine’ (EIM) movement, biomedical models of health have been applied to exercise and physical activity, with seemingly limited success (Halall et al, 2012). The value and benefits of physical activity, exercise, sport and recreation extend well beyond physical measures of health. The risk with medicalising exercise is that …

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