Mental toughness?

760 words estimated reading time 3 minutes, 48 sec. Following on from my last blog – something else that caught my attention researching and writing our book was the concept of training effort and intensity. I was reading back through some interviews that I’d conducted with college (university) strength and conditioning coaches in the US …

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The power of us

1234 words; estimated reading time: 6 minutes, 10 seconds.   The social merits of physical activity are widely recognised. In fact, exercising in the company of others seems to be a really powerful motivator for exercise engagement across our lifespans. Sure, some people prefer to work out in solitude, lost in their thoughts, the calming …

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Exercising into the (un)known

I’ve recently been reading research papers on fatigue and workload and I’ve been intrigued by how much (or how little) we really understand about this crucial aspect of exercise, training and human performance. When I contemplate this work, I realise that I harbour ongoing concerns about how we approach some aspects of training and preparation. …

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