Workload monitoring; the flawed touch of geniuses.

1900 words; reading time ~ 9 mins, 30 secs. ..or should that be the touch of flawed geniuses? An emerging obsession in strength and conditioning has been the challenge of regulating an athletes’ exercise stress and recovery balance. The apparent solution has been to harness science and technology and measure/monitor either workload or the athlete’s …

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Dealing with training fatigue Regardless of work setting, an exercise professional primarily focuses on stimulating physical or physiological adaptations through the cunning manipulation of exercise stressors. Achieving positive adaptations involves the somewhat vague challenge of trying to balance the complex interaction between work and recovery. Central to that task is fatigue – we are seeking …

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Sports concussions; risks and management

The risks associated with concussion I’m not planning to tackle any possible links between head knocks and degenerative neurological conditions here (maybe a future blog!); instead, I’d prefer to focus on dealing with the recognition and management of concussion. Getting an accurate handle on the incidence of concussion is challenging. Concussions can result from any …

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